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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Hi all, my name is Rachel and I am the owner and grower at SunKissed Flower Farm.

This little flower growing operation started back in February of 2020. This dream blossomed shortly after I lost my grandmother in January of 2020. Shirley Kane, most known as ‘Mommom’, was a true light in my life. Her hugs were like no other. She enjoyed all things gardening throughout her entire life and shared that with me so graciously.

It wasn't until she was gone that I realized how much more we could’ve shared. I long for the chance to do that again but I have to find ways to channel her spirit and energy through the flowers I grow and how I grow them.

The main motivation at SunKissed is to grow and share beautiful flowers and truly get to know the recipients and gifters of those flowers. I love learning all the details as to why someone wants to give or receive flowers.

Whether it be to simply brighten up their kitchen table or to offer comfort to a dear friend during a difficult time. Those are the details that drive me, because it would’ve meant so much to Mommom as well. She was always a sucker for a sweet story.

It was particularly hard when we lost Mommom, as our family is very close and very small. I’m not sure we ever had more than 10 people at a holiday table. But we never lacked love and laughter. I think this may be a reason as to why I’ve always enjoyed having a small circle. That, coupled with the fact that I’ve had moments in life where I’ve felt disappointed or let down by others. I let myself become guarded and developed a filter on life that the goodness in people was slowly disintegrating and harder to find than ever.

It wasn’t until I set up my little market table with a handful of bouquets and got to know my community that my outlook quickly changed. The conversations and connections I was able to be a part of were inspiring, they were truly rooted from goodness and joy, all the things I thought were becoming so hard to find. I had realized then that I was so fortunate to have stumbled into this little venture. I had found a way to not only give myself joy but to do so by directly giving joy to others. It is always a wonderful feeling to know you are being thought of, that you are important. A gift of flowers, even just a single one, can be so uplifting for a person.

Nature has always been a place of comfort for me. Taking a moment to realize the pure beauty and vastness of the natural world can bring both serenity and curiosity. I hope SunKissed may also become a way for folks to get to know their outside world and all of the elements that create it, as we wouldn’t have such beauty in nature if it weren’t for all the little critters doing the dirty work. That brings me to another goal on SunKissed, a bridge for people to step into the wonders of the natural world. To learn a little about how that bouquet made it to their table. Giving credit to the beneficial insects that rally against the pests of the garden, highlighting the pollinators that are essential to our ever evolving natural world. I hope to not only provide the community with beautiful flowers that lift their spirits but also stimulate their mind a bit as well. Help them tune into the curiosities of nature and all the wonders that exist around us at any given moment.

All in all, the hopes for SunKissed are endless. Honoring the woman who helped inspire my love for all things plants & flowers. Fostering a relationship between farmer and consumer, helping to teach folks about the beauty of our ecosystem and natural world. Bringing joy to others through flowers, carving out more time for the goodness in life and appreciating others. SunKissed is just a bridge for that goodness that can and should be.

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